Bev Martin, Intuitive Coach

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Intuitive Coach
Bev Martin is a gifted intuitive, and skilled professional coach who has a remarkable gift for accessing divine wisdom and communicating it in a clear practical way so you know what to do next. 

You will know best if you want: 

1) Insight you can use right away via the intuitive reading or

2) Personal growth and professional development through self paced or group classes.

3) Long lasting change and transformation through coaching and mentoring

Bev's combination of tuning in and passion for possibilities creates an intuitive thinking environment to tap into inspiration and solutions.

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I Love Family and friends in the US and my homeland of South Africa. And with my little family, love to traveI. I love Car karaoke, and may have a (ahem) a bit of a handbag addiction.

I am a medium who can at times hear the loving messages of loved ones who wish to communicate; This is a gift and responsibility for which I am grateful. Unfortunately, however, mediumship took over what might have been the math area of my brain. So, please hide your shock when I count on my fingers.

I LOVE the gentle-hearted humans who are my clients and who teach me every day.

Yeah, Bev, but what about real-world credentials?  Read here.


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