Clients Say

Working with Bev is phenomenal.
I felt embraced by love, light, non-judgment and understanding, and encouraged to speak from the truest corners of my heart. Communicating with Bev and her intuition is confirming, clarifying and inspiring. She simplifies my perspectives so that I can easily see the next step in my growth, in my self-care, my relationships, as well as my business.  After discovering new possibilities she also keeps me connected to my earthly existence by asking me what steps I can take right now to take advantage of my new insight. I highly recommend sessions with Bev. She helps you align with your truest, highest self in all realms of your life.
Marion Van Namen
Sing Portland,

With her intuition and finely tuned listening ear, Bev shows me my own wisdom, inspires me, uses positive language to change my perspective, with love, gentle guidance, and humor.
Time with Bev is the spiritual oasis in my week, and allows me to live up to my best potential. I can see the difference not only in my own life but also in the impact I have on others. So grateful!
Bev has become an invaluable resource in my life. Her insight helps me make decisions and affects how I view my work in the world. Bev is the life coach who brings out the best in me and encourages me to follow my own higher purpose. Her connection to Spirit deepens my own connection. Her attention to the use of words has affected how I use language to change thought.
⁓ Sue Deutsch 

First, Bev sees what I can't see for myself.
Next, she skillfully guides me to see where I'm going. With her coaching skills, she helps me to discern the practical steps I must take to get there. She is a fierce advocate for ME, for MY LIFE.

Add to that her warmth and humor and I feel supported on all levels.
⁓ Janet Allison
Founder, Boys Alive! Author, Educator, Family Coach

I come to you when I am at a crossroads in my life.
My guides/angels and helping spirits say, 'Ahem, it is time to see Bev, don't you think?'
I have such great respect for you and your talent in communicating.
Thank you so much.
Blessings always.
⁓ Eileen M Sakai
LMT Desert Rose Massage & Reiki,

She is a joy, with a big bag of tools.
Bev used her skills to change some limiting beliefs I had about my new career/business. This has freed me up immensely.
I am moving forward with my business plans MUCH more quickly than I ever would on my own. When the money comes in, it will be because of our "Partnership." Hire this woman if you want a multi-skilled resource in your corner. She listens well and thinks big.
⁓ Michael Shierloh
Founder, Phobias Away

What I appreciate most about working with Bev is that her ability is so in tune with what I needed so I could find my gifts and soul's passion.
15 years ago she provided me with a visual of the goal to nurture and to focus on and I
have realized this dream, becoming a healer and spiritual teacher in the Portland area.
What a magical and amazing process!
Bev, you changed my life!
⁓ Juls Madel
Angelic Healer & Spiritual teacher, The Healthy Human Project

Above all. Bev is the consummate consulting professional.
Her insights are always spot on and her intuitive sense is uncanny. I have been through a lot of turbulence in the last six months and my meetings with Bev have helped me stay the course and stay hopeful and focused.
You can always feel the love she has for her calling and for clients. She is a rare and special person. She has been my angel. Thanks, Bev, you are the best.
⁓ Bill Allen
Hypnotherapist, Brain trainer. Expert. Author "On Being A Sensitive Man"

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