Save Yourself From Perfectionism

inner peace mindset personal growth Feb 24, 2022

The Soul has wisdom about when to be patient and when push through, to go for it. However, when the Warrior archetype is active, we may get stuck in the punishing mentality of "no pain no gain" "Suck it up buttercup."

I did this. I was gritting my teeth through several ambitious projects with military-style pressure on myself and a hefty fat dose of perfectionism too.

My jaw was tight. My shoulders were up around my ears. Judging by the terror in the wide eyes of my family, they were not having much fun either. I was tough as nails on myself.
In my striving, I had forgotten to be myself.

The epiphany came in the form of a magician. You know how typically magicians are called, "The Amazing, The Remarkable, The Most Fantastic?"
Well, This magician is named Tobias, ... the Adequate.

In the fall sunshine, an audience of about 50 children were grinning and giggling, delighted by this avant-garde magician.
With a solemn expression and a grand flourish, Tobias announced, "I will bring a rabbit out of this hat!"
Instead, much to the delight of the audience, a rabbit would POP up somewhere else unexpectedly!
He declared that he would make a knot in a scarf; but, something went wrong every time. The more perplexed Tobias became the more the children hooted with glee, thrilled that a grown-up could be so spectacularly wrong.

Tobias, pretending to be a failure, was a rousing success at delighting the children.

It was magic.

Tips: Save Yourself From Perfectionism.
1, Create space for the self to emerge. To be yourself requires courage and patience. Your gifts may appear shyly like a rabbit peeking out of who knows where? There is no need to push yourself too hard. Lighten up.
2. Laugh. The first sign that that you have lost sight of the plot is a sense of humor failure. Laugh with your silly self.
3. Ask the right question. NOT how can I force myself to do better? Instead, what resources do I need to meet the goal? More support, additional skills, a more humane time frame?
4. Set your intention. Don't be concerned with proving something to others or pleasing a chorus of critics :imaginary or real.
5. Know thy true priorities. What feeling would you like to have as you accomplish your goals? Could it be fun? Can you be inspired, connected to your Spirit, and enrich your relationships while doing your thing in the world?
6. Make mistakes and enjoy the process.
When you make mistakes, take a bow. You can't do anything effectively if you are unwilling to do it badly, at least while you learn.
7. Be gentle with yourself. Be gentle with others.

I completed the project with lightness and enjoyment.

Thanks, Tobias.

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