Interview on The AutoImmune Hour: Where you are VS WHO you are.

health mindset inner peace personal growth Oct 10, 2021

Celebrating the 350th episode of The AutoImmune Hour Podcast, with Sharon Sayler Bev joins Sharon for a conversation about changing the nature of the way we think and talk about dis-ease and wellness.

  We explore empathy, intuition, self-talk and creativity to understand ourselves and others at a deeper level during a time of disruption and change.

  • Bev shares with us her powerful insights and techniques to:
    Amp up our empathy, creativity, and intuition,
    Use powerful questions to change directions when things are not going well,
    Find success through self-talk and deep listening, 

What does Bev mean about Where you are and Who you are? Sometimes challenging circumstances can make us wonder, "How did I get here?" and Bev suggests that we are careful to stay true to WHO we are in order to navigate wisely and to change the situation.

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