Vision Into Action

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step."



Focused Deep Dive coaching
Shine a light on your path.

When you consider a CHANGE, something new, or a difference you want to make to a current situation. A personal change or a business 'aha'! No more second-guessing or overthinking. Bring your big ideas, highest hopes AND scary fears- to your Illuminate session, to be supported to: 
Dream big.
Face fears
Overcome obstacles
Find resources
Plan well to create the outcome you deeply desire. 

Result: You do your best, high quality thinking, aligning with who you are and what you are creating. 

How does it work?   We meet on Zoom for all sessions.

1) We meet briefly a few days or more before your session to connect and plan our time.
2) We ILLUMINATE what you are attending to. This may take up to FOUR hours of solid work and cups of tea in between. (Nice smelling markers and sticky notes may well be involved.)
You create a step-by-step plan which is in alignment with who you are and what you are creating.

3) A short while after your Illuminate session, we meet briefly to be sure you have everything you need and celebrate the journey thus far.


Client Testimonials

Above all. Bev is the consummate consulting professional.
Her insights are always spot on and her intuitive sense is uncanny. I have been through a lot of turbulence in the last six months and my meetings with Bev have helped me stay the course and stay hopeful and focused.
You can always feel the love she has for her calling and for clients. She is a rare and special person. She has been my angel. Thanks, Bev, you are the best.
Bill Allen
Hypnotherapist, Brain trainer. Expert. Author "On Being A Sensitive Man"

First, Bev sees what I can't see for myself.
Next, she skillfully guides me to see where I'm going. With her coaching skills, she helps me to discern the practical steps I must take to get there. She is a fierce advocate for ME, for MY LIFE. Add to that her warmth and humor and I feel supported on all levels.
 Janet Allison
Founder, Boys Alive! Author, Educator, Family Coach.

If you are wondering...