Navigating the complex challenges of everyday life?
The reading is an uplifting conversation focused on what is important now. 
If you are longing for a change, considering a new direction, and seeking a more profound understanding of a current situation, the reading can get to the heart of the matter to provide insight, new perspectives, and wise strategy.

How it works:

  • We meet via Zoom or 'Phone
  • One hour $200 or Deeper Dive (1.5 hrs) $270
  • Audio recording is available and done for you  
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Clients' Say

Spending time with Bev has become part of my spiritual practice and commitment to personal growth. While Bev possesses the gift of being highly perceptive and intuitive, she does not offer predictions but rather affirms what I already know to be true for myself.
Her coaching and insight help me re-calibrate and ensure that am aligned with my
authentic self and my intentions.

Every time I meet with Bev, I feel energized, positive, and supported by the universe."

Bev's gift of tapping into a higher source of knowledge is invaluable.
The guidance she is able to provide is always helpful, inspiring, and feeds the soul.
I can genuinely say Bev has been a catalyst for many positive changes and shifts in my life and I can't begin to thank her enough."
~Michael Krol Digital Director / Reiki Master/Teacher,

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